Data Visualization of TransJakarta total passengers by route (Image by Author)

Simple steps, yet cool results — Using in Jupyter Notebook for visualizing TransJakarta bus passengers stats


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Not a Data Scientist, not an ML Engineer, and not a Statistician. Just a plain white Analytics with a twist.

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Exploratory data analysis of the Clubhouse rooms’ trends

The complete guide: Know what you can get from these techniques, when, and how to use them

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Cognitive and statistical biases impacting data analysis and how to overcome them

Exploration of Google Trends data via Python API

Google ID Year in Search 2020 — Source:

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Going beyond raw query and getting into insight delivery

TikTok data extraction, exploration, and visualization

Increasing Google search trends for recipes in Indonesia

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What is it and why do you need them in the organization

Why do you need one?

Data retrieval from Spotify API, topic modeling using LDA algorithm

Getting data from Spotify API

Olivia Tanuwidjaja

Product analyst, playing with data and beyond🚀. Views are my own.

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